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PC Only Content
Information on this page is PC specific.

The Nosferatu is a Monk weapon. It is awarded for completing the Halloween Spooktacular! challenge on Insane and Nightmare difficulty as a Monk.

Unlike other Monk weapons, the Nosferatu may fire up to 7 projectiles in a plane of 5 projectiles with 3 in the center (1-1-3-1-1).

Similar Challenge Rewards

These are other challenge rewards for completing the Halloween Spooktacular! on Insane or Nightmare difficulty as other classes.

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  • The name "Nosferatu" has been associated with the word "vampire" since the 19th century. The name gained popularity after the classic German horror film Nosferatu was released in 1922.
  • Random drop names include: Bat Spear, Bloodsucker spear

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