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The Ogre Minion
Attack: Melee
Special: Poison Projectile
Introduced: Summoner Hero DLC
The Ogre Minion is a Summoner skill. It summons a crystalline variant of the Ogre to the battlefield. The Ogre costs 600 mana and 13 MU to summon.


Similar to its enemy counterpart, the Ogre Minion is difficult to take down because of its large amount of health. The Ogre Minion has 3 basic attacks: a vertical pound, a horizontal swipe, and a poison projectile.

Once aggravated, the Ogre will fire a poison projectile before approaching it and swinging his club (randomly between pounding and swiping). Vertical pounds deal twice the damage as swipes if hit directly, however swipes are much more difficult to sidestep. Being hit with an ogre's club will knockback small creatures.

Ogre Minions cannot be stunned in any way, including shock from Lightning Towers, Shock Beams, and Lightning Stance; Gas Traps; or Enrage Auras.

They are also immune to knockback from any large creatures.

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