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The Old One
Attack: Summon Crystal Monsters
Special: Knockback
Introduced: Part 4 - Sky City

The Old One is the fifth and final boss for Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards DLC, featured in the Crystalline Dimension.

The Old One is the being sealed within the Crystalline Dimension. It is responsible for capturing the Heroes parents.


The fight will start out with The Old One taunting you, then you must attack his feet in order to break the gemstones on them. He has many attacks, which include summoning crystal monsters, raining fireballs from the sky, igniting certain parts of the arena and raising the ground itself.

After breaking the Old Ones feet gemstones, he will raise certain parts of the ground into the air. Heroes must quickly jump onto these, or else they will be instantly killed if they are left behind. The Old One will now use his hands to attack by smashing them onto the platform, you must now break both gemstones in the center of his palms.

After you break these gemstones, the stomach gemstone will light up and be attackable. The Old One will fire multiple laser beams like the Genie King in random directions. After breaking the final gemstone, the Old One will raise the platform once more up to his head. This is when you attack full force, as this is what deals the real damage to The Old One.

After dealing a set amount of damage to The Old One, he will make all raised platforms fall back to the ground and regenerate all his gemstones. You must repeat all of the previous phases to get back up to his head and damage him again.


  • Defeated Old One

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