The Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards Part 3: Aquanos is downloadable content that was released for the PC on 26 April 2012, 15 May 2012 for the PSN US and XBLA and 23 May 2012 for PSN EU.

It contains a new Aquanos map, Riddle of the Deep challenge, Shipwreck Ruins Monsterfest challenge, Shipwreck Ruins PvP, Sharken enemy, Kraken boss, a Countess Mermaid Costume, 10 Atlantis-themed Weapons and 63 new Accessory-type items.


"Arriving at the great sea, our heroes gaze upon the vast rolling tides. A gigantic sea turtle rises from the ocean. The heroes mount the friendly creature and surge into the murky depths. Suddenly a great light shines from below, the water clears, and before them is the lost city of Aquanos, its walls surrounded by a bubble of air."


  • The DLC was available for early public trial the PAX East 2012.
  • The DLC will be on sale for a limited time upon its PC release. It will then be priced (not including sales) at $3.99 USD on Steam.


  • The DLC's setting is a reference to mythic Greek underwater island of Atlantis.


Dungeon Defenders - Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards Part III Launch Trailer01:47

Dungeon Defenders - Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards Part III Launch Trailer


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