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Here you can find the latest patch and the next patch to be released. To see the last three patch versions click the Recent tab. To see older patches visit the Archives tab.

Latest PC Patch Notes

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Release Date: 26 June 2013

  • Added "Tinkerer's Lab" Campaign Map and the "Lab Assault" Challenge map to the "The Tinkerer's Lab Mission Pack" DLC, including new Accessories, Weapons, Costumes, and 4 Achievements.


  • No informations.


  • No informations.


Release Date: 14 January 2013 (Unversioned Hotfix)

  • Fixed the Lost Eternia Shards maps so they now load correctly
  • Added "Temple O' Love" Challenge Map to the "Etherian Festival of Love" DLC, including such items as new Accessories, a New Costume, and 2 Achievements


Release Date: 22 December 2012

  • Akatiti weapon reward quality restored to correct values
  • Diamonds will no longer generate with the running speed stat, it's unnecessary as they tremendously boost your speed anyway.
  • Santa Hat sockets fixed up
  • Barbarian Tavernkeep Imposter Costume increased to "Super Legendary" Quality, Santa Imposter Costume changed to Legendary Quality


Release Date: 22 December 2012

  • Added a powerful new item quality class -- can you find them?!
  • Reduced Silent Night and Winter Wonderland Boss Difficulties, and increased build time on Winter Wonderland by 40% (+ added 5 additional beefy starting Chests), and increased Build Time on Silent Night by 15%
  • Changed Silent Night to not destroy Defenses before Boss, to not decrease DU's, and eliminated flying units during Boss Fight
  • Improved quality of Silent Night & Winter Wonderland Xmas Weapons rewards
  • Made "Santa Imposter" costume follow the "Super Legendary" scaling rules
  • Increased Ultimate & Regular Item Box slots by 20
  • Increased Skeleton on a Treadmill scale, improved colorization, and increased quality
  • Fixed double-sensitive mouse chase-camera turn speed
  • Enabled Gamepad Chase & FPV Camera for "Swap Triggers / Buttons" Gamepad Control Scheme


Release Date: 21 December 2012

  • Added "Silent Night" Challenge and "Winter Wonderland" Campaign Map to the "Etherian Holiday Extravaganza" DLC, including such items as new Accessories, New Costume, New Pets, 4 Achievements and 3 new Crystal Cores to earn
  • Increased Maximum Heroes to 32
  • Added 50 more Ultimate Item Box Slots, 40 More regular Item Box Slots
  • Added First Person View to Gamepad Control Mode!
  • Improved Halloween Spooktacular weapons added to Spooktacular 2, as well as the Costume unlocks
  • Upgraded Dungeon Defenders Development Kit to 7.47, with ALL up-to-date game content including Tower Wars, Akatiti, and Holiday 2012 Contents. Also fixed in the DDDK: cooking maps with sublevels now works, and now all original maps can be successfully cooked without having to set "Is Official Map" to False.

Unreleased PC Patch Notes

Here are the notes for any officially released upcoming patches, planned for release on the PC.


Release Date: May 2015

  • The map Moonbase will be added to ranked
  • Some bug fixes

Please note that the specific notes for patch 7.51 are not officially released, however, some information is known about the update. For more information, see this forum post.

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