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The Pakal Seppuku Firebolt was the prize for beating the challenge from the November 17-18 Console Event. The weapon has the appearance of a Katana, but it is worn backwards and has the attack speed and range of a shield.


The quote on this weapon is a reference to Futurama episode: "Bender Should Not Be Allowed on Television"

"The Cool-O-Meter was an invention created by Professor Farnsworth to detect the level of "cool" of any given person as measured in "megafonzies". When it detects around 40 megafonzies, a gloved hand will pop out and give a 'thumbs up' and the Cool-O-Meter will say, "oh, yeah!". This happened to Dwight Conrad and Cubert Farnsworth. Dr. Zoidberg, however, registered zero megafonzies."

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