The Phoenix is a Huntress weapon. It is a core drop weapon. This weapon never deals physical damage; its base type is always fire, and commonly has an additional element associated with it.


  • Other names include: Firebird, Fowl Fiend, Javahawk, Winged Death, Hightailer, Kestrel, Falconator, CaKaw and Son of Osiris.
  • This weapon fires flaming arrows from the bird's mouth.
  • Unlike many other weapons, when a piercing shot is activated, an arrow is shot in addition to the piercing shot.
  • Weapons with fire affinity (e.g. Mythical Flaming Javahawk) does not combine standard attack (fire) damage with elemental (fire) damage. This means 2 fire-based damage numbers appear when firing at enemies.


As of PC patch 7.16c, the Phoenix now pierces 6 small enemies.

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