Glitterhelm Caverns Farm Setup

This guide will show you how to powerlevel a character from 1-70 in 80 minutes on Glitterhelm Caverns Hard.

You will need to do the map 5 times. Building takes about 10 minutes each, the waves themselves will be over after 5 minutes altogether. (I know this makes 75 minutes but you never know if you will have lag or long loading times or whatever)

What you need

Tower Monk 70

Tower Apprentice 70 (both don't need to be equipped with fully upgraded stuff)

Map: Glitterhelm Caverns


Start off with your Monk. Collect all chests and place an Ensnare Aura and a Lightning Aura on each spawn as shown on the map.

Switch to your Apprentice. Place a Fireballtower behind each Auraspot, 2 MM-towers protecting the northern Crystal, one protecting the eastern crystal and 2 more protecting the western Crytsal (see map).

You may now switch to the character you want to level up, though I tend to do this first wave (5/10) with my Apprentice and keep on building. Switching will increase your building time, not switching will decrease the XP gained for the character you want to level up.

After the first wave (or during) finish the build. Place another 3 Fireballtowers and 3 barricades at top and do the same for mid east.

The eastern setup will get another 2 Fireballtowers and 2 barricades.

Mid west gets 2 more Fireballtowers and 3 barricades.

The western Crystal will get a barricade and 2 more Fireballtowers for the normal mob spawn as well as 1 more MM tower and 2 Fireballtowers against Wyverns (see map building pattern).

Swap back to the character you want to level up and position yourself somewhere safe. The rest is pretty much being afk und just pressing G when a wave is over. Depending on the stats of your builders you might need to check towers health before the last wave. (I don't need to, and as I said my builders are not really well equipped)

Have fun leveling and farming, as you will make roughly 650k per run.

Veristaya 22:32, December 1, 2011 (UTC)

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