Tower Statistics
Defence Units 2-3-4
Mana Cost: 40-80-120

Present is a structure built by the Jester, introduced on the 8th of August 2012 when the Jester DLC was released.

The Jester can build this structure for a certain amount of Defense Units, which increase depending on the size of the present.

Three present sizes are available:

  • Small (2 DU)
  • Deluxe (3 DU)
  • Extravagant (4 DU)

Presents open during the Combat Phase (if not destroyed by an enemy), and have a chance to contain any of the following:

  • An Ogre (see below)
  • An enemy creature (Ogrelord or Orcs)
  • Some mana (small quantity on the map or high quantity added to the bank)
  • Loot
  • A Tower (see below)

Probability to spawn

Tower Ogre Mana


Spawn rate 47.62% 9.52% 28.57% 14.29%

Potential Towers

When a Present spawns a Tower, the amount of DU used on the map does not change. This means that any tower spawned by a Small Present Effectively costs 2 DU. The DU Salvage column below lists the net gain or loss of DU compared to summoning the tower by normal means. (The Magic Blockade is the only tower that uses more DU if spawned by a Present than if summoned normally, as it only costs the Apprentice/Adept 1 DU to build.)

Small Present

Small Present

DU Salvage
Magic Blockade Magic Blockade -1
Magic Missile Tower Magic Missile Tower 1
Spike Blockade Spike Blockade 1
Ensnare Aura Ensnare Aura 1
Proximity Mine Trap Proximity Mine Trap 1
Proximity Mine Trap Gas trap 1
Ethereal Spike Trap Ethereal Spike Trap 1
Darkness Trap Darkness Trap 1
Deluxe Present

Deluxe Present

DU salvage
Fireball Tower Fireball Tower 2
Bouncer Blockade Bouncer Blockade 1
Electric Aura Electric Aura 2
Healing Aura Healing Aura 1
Inferno Trap Inferno Trap 1
Enrage Aura Enrage Aura 2
Extravagant Present

Extravagant Present

DU salvage
Lightning Tower Lightning Tower 3
Deadly Striker Tower Deadly Striker Tower 4
Harpoon Turret Harpoon Turret 2
Bowling Ball Turret Bowling Ball Turret 3
Slice N Dice Blockade Slice N Dice Blockade 4
Strength Drain Aura Strength Drain Aura 1


  • Time to summon without increasing stats is 10 seconds

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