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The President's Day Surprise is Presidents' Day-themed downloadable content for the PC that was released with PC Patch 7.18 on the 20th February, 2012.[1]

It contains the Presidential Battle Royale challenge, new boxing glove weapons, the Democrat Donkey and Republican Elephant pets, and four new unlockable player costumes.

Promotional Description

Pitch your heroes against each other in the 'Presidential Battle Arena,' where you'll have to not only fight each other for the most points, but do so while evading the deadly Demon Boss. Beat the mission to be awarded a 'presidential' skin for your class, a unique pet, or more!



Costumes are unlocked by completing the challenge using the associated hero class.



Dungeon Defenders - Presidents Day Battle Royale01:06

Dungeon Defenders - Presidents Day Battle Royale

  • President's Day Arena

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