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Survival and Challenge Rewards

Map Reward
The Deeper Well Griffon
Foundries and Forges Steam Robot
Magus Quarters Serpent
Alchemical Laboratory Laser Robot
Servants' Quarters


Castle Armory Tiger
Hall of Court Genie
The Throne Room DarkBot
Oakvale Crossing Nothing
Royal Gardens The Mjolner
The Ramparts

Valor's Bonesharder

Tegra & PC Exclusive Maps Reward
Endless Spires Imp
The Summit Dragon
Challenge Reward
No Towers Allowed Defense Reconstructor (Medium/Hard), Mobile Moxie (Insane/Nightmare)
Unlikely Allies Ogre Safety Razor (Medium/Hard), Ogre's Childhood Toy (Insane/Nightmare)
Warping Core Warp Stabilizer (Medium/Hard), Crystal Tracker (Insane/Nightmare)
Raining Goblins Dancing Cavalier (Medium/Hard), Goblin Overlord's Charge (Insane/Nightmare)
Wizardry Staff of The High Archwizard (Medium/Hard), The Heretic (Insane/Nightmare)
Ogre Crush The High Five (Medium/Hard), Ogre Party Hat (Insane/Nightmare)
Zippy Terror Wick Cutter (Medium/Hard), Kobold Douser (Insane/Nightmare)
Chicken The Incubator (Medium/Hard), Chanticleer's Chandelier (Insane/Nightmare)
Monster Fest Spirit Champion's Mageblade (Medium/Hard), Magina's Last Glaive (Insane/Nightmare)
Moving Core Perpetual Motion (Medium/Hard), Quiescence (Insane/Nightmare)
Death From Above Skyreaper (Medium/Hard), The Pinioner (Insane/Nightmare)

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