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Survival and Challenge Rewards

Map Reward
The Deeper Well Griffon
Foundries and Forges Steam Robot
Magus Quarters Pet Serpent (Reach Wave 15 in Survival Mode) Medium to Insane
Alchemical Laboratory Armor and Weapon
Servants' Quarters


Castle Armory Nothing
Hall of Court Nothing
The Throne Room Weapon and Pristine Armor
Oakville Crossing Nothing
Royal Gardens The Mjolner
The Ramparts

Valor's Bonesharder

Tegra & PC Exclusive Maps Reward
Endless Spires Alien Sword
The Summit ^Class Weapon and Guardian

Challenge Reward
No Towers Allowed Staff
Unlikely Allies Bow
Warping Core Hammer
Raining Goblins Spear (only on insane)
Wizardry Staff
Ogre Crush Sword
Zippy Terror Wick Cutter (Medium-Hard)
Chicken Spears
Monster Fest ^Class Weapon (Easy-Medium), Fairy (hard-insane)
Moving Core Perpetual Motion (Medium-Hard)
Death From Above Staff (easy), ^^Class Animus (medium-insane)

^ Class Weapons are
Apprentice: Destinaurius Huntress: HungryApp's TriloGun
Monk: Mordecia's Spike Pike Squire: Blazemourn
You need to complete this challenge with a certain class to get the weapon (finish with huntress gets you the huntress weapon).
^^ 'Class Animus' means the class you complete the challenge with.

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