The Seahorse is both a pet and an interactable NPC. The Seahorse pet is awarded for reaching wave 20 of Aquanos on either Survival or Pure Strategy mode.


  • Does ranged poison damage up to 6 projectiles.
  • Maximum upgradeable attack speed bonus of 6.
  • Seahorse has the highest hero damage ramp modifier from all the pets, making it ideal for DPS character. 2 million DPS is easily reachable on a searhorse with around 200 Upgrade Levels.
  • Projectiles pierce enemies and environment.
  • Has relatively low attack range compared to Cowboy Monkey
  • Comes in Multiple colors.


Seahorses can also be found as player interactable NPCs in Aquanos. They act similar to Shroomite NPCs or Donkey NPCs. They can be 'Pet' once per round, where they drop mana and heal you a small amount (if you're not already at full health). They also have a chance to deposit an item directly into your item box; item quality changes by the difficulty of the map.

  • There are 2 total Seahorses on the map.


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