PC Series EV guide By Kilmanio Version:0.0.5
of this guide is complete.


(This is my first guide and might not be 100% correct, if you see something that is wrong, please edit it (type in the summary what you did))

Your first EV, maybe even your first hero in the game!

The EV can be hard to master but it's really fun.

So at the beginning of your journey, you get to the map The Deeper Well, you pick up some mana but you have no idea how to build an efficient beam system. There are several efficient tower systems wich you can all see over here.

Beams and setup: Now that you know some ways to set your beams up, you can get started. Once you reach level 3 you get another beam: the physical beam. This beam works just like a shield but you can make it as long as you want! I suggest putting these a bit behind your proton beams (the basic ones) so that mobs get hit while they try to destroy your shield beams.

The next beam that you get is the reflection beam: If an enemy projectile hits it, it reflects! When well-placed, it's quite effective to kill those darn archers and mages! However: it does not stop enemies from walking trough it! It will reflect: arrows, fireballs, snotballs (yuck) and spider webs. Be aware that the ancient dragon shoots fireballs too! If you place these on the places where he pops up, he can hurt himself pretty badly!!

The beam after that is the shock beam: it stuns enemys and deals more damage than the basic proton beam but, it has a limited set of charges (similair to the huntress traps). You can of course repair these to get your charges back (upgrading gives you more charges).

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