Shroomites are both pets and interactable NPCs. The Shroomite pet is awarded for reaching wave 15 of Mistymire Forest on Survival and Pure Strategy mode.


  • Other names include: Tweedle, Muktar, Goblo, Jumjom, Porok, Kamabum, Weezlo, Yamash, Shmup and Mushy.
  • Cannot be bought with mana at the Tavernkeep.
  • Does ranged poison damage that temporarily slows down enemies.

Unlock Conditions

  • The Shroomite cannot be unlocked for sale at the Tavernkeep.



Shroomites can also be found as player interactable NPCs in Mistymire Forest.

  • Interacting with Shroomite NPCs allows players to be healed, given mana and possibly an item.
  • An individual Shroomite NPC can only be interacted with once per wave.
  • Awarded items go directly to a player's item box, with item quality dependent on the level's difficulty.
  • There are five total Shroomites on the map, one on each path and one in the center near the 4 crystals.

Hero Guardians

Hero Animi

Survival Rewards

Challenge Rewards

Achievement Rewards

Exclusive Pets

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