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The Steam Robot is a pet that is awarded for reaching wave 15 of Foundries and Forges on Survival or Pure Strategy mode.


  • Other names include: Forge, Foundry, Frizzle, Grill, Ingot, Kindle, Robot, Scorchy, Smelter and Toasty.
  • Does physical melee AoE damage.
  • Knocks back most enemies, preventing them from hitting the hero while casting.
  • Can be purchased with mana at the Tavernkeep.


The pet's description is a reference to a scene in StarFox 64 when Peppy tells Fox to "Do a barrel roll!" It has since become a meme.

Unlock Conditions

  • Players will automatically receive a Steam Robot after reaching wave 15 of Survival/Pure Strategy on Foundries and Forges.

Hero Guardians

Hero Animi

Survival Rewards

Challenge Rewards

Achievement Rewards

Exclusive Pets

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