A Familiar is awarded upon reaching wave 15 on any difficulty of Pure Strategy or Survival mode. A Giraffe on Treadmill is awarded for completing a map on Pure Strategy or Survival mode (see below). The Pet Rock replaces both rewards, and is awarded on Wave 30 of the Talay Mining Complex.


The Deeper Well Griffon
Foundries and Forges Steam Robot
Magus Quarters Serpent (Chinese Dragon)
Alchemical Laboratory Laser Robot
Servants Quarters Hamster
Castle Armory Tiger
Hall of Court Genie
The Throne Room Laser Robot
Royal Gardens Fairy
The Ramparts Hawk
Endless Spires Imp
The Summit Dragon
Glitterhelm Caverns Hamster
Mistymire Forest Shroomite
Moraggo Desert Town Donkey
Aquanos Seahorse (Wave 20)
Sky City Propeller Cat (Wave 25)
Karathiki Jungle Cowboy Monkey
City in the Cliffs Djinnlet
Talay Mining Complex Pet Rock (Wave 30)
Tavern Defense Kobold on Treadmill (Wave 35)
Tinkerer's Lab Mega Chicken (Wave 35)


  • When skipping to later starting waves on the PC, in order to obtain survival reward pets players must start at least 2 waves prior to the final wave for the map.
    • For example, in order to obtain most survival reward pets, players must start on wave 13 at the latest.
    • To attain the Giraffe on a Treadmill, on a 25 wave campaign map it must be started on wave 23 at the latest, wave 28 at the latest on a 30 wave map, etc.
  • Players who join during the combat phase of wave 14 are also rewarded upon completion. This includes the console achievement "Survivalist" for reaching wave 15 (granted upon completion of wave 14).

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