Hello everyone! Today, I'm showing you a guide that gives you a good start off, and possibly a good ending. The first character (usually the first character you use on a build) is the monk. He has got 3 useful auras, the ensnare, electric, and strength drain aura. These slow and damage your enemies (even if they're immune to electric) whilst reducing the damage they deal. The second character (usually after the first wave) is an apprentice or squire. For an apprentice do fireball towers, and lightning towers and Magic Blockades if you need to. For a squire, use harpoons, and spike blockades (if needed to). Our third character (after the first wave) is a Summoner (only available when brought). Place archers, spiders, orcs, or ogres. Ogres = Meat Shield

Archers = Backup

Spiders = Speed Slowers

Orcs = Shields

Then, the 4th character is the huntress. Place proximity and gas traps. The gas traps will blind the enemy, whilst the proximity will blast your enemies with huge damage. Finally, Series Ev (only available when brought in the City in the Cliffs pack). You'll use buff beams (against towers) and reflection beams (behind towers).

Thank you for watching my guide! Author: 0k1mONIjOghiM.

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