1.You've got 300 skill points or more to spend? This trick will help. Hold shift + click to put on 5 skill points, and ctrl + click for 100. 2.Want resistances higher? Use this tip! Every 10 upgrade levels, if your resistances have reached the cap, you'll be able to upgrade one. This is useful for high resistances for nightmare. 3.Are your characters in the wrong place? Use this trick. Click on the character in the swap hero menu, then hold alt and press on another character. As you'll see, they have swapped places. Good luck! 4.Find it annoying going round to other crystals while a summoner in phase shift overlord? Use this trick. While in phase shift overlord mode, hold down shift and press on where you want to be on the map. BOOM! You'll be taken there. Useful for making quick builds for nightmare.5.Want to get lots of experience quickly? Use this tip. If you've got anyone who has done insane hardcore tavern defense (remember, I have so I can do it with you) you can do pure stratergy.This is very easy. Also, there are a lot of builds. Like if you place an ensnare and electric aura at each spawn point (and 1 at each crystal).Also, buff the auras, and that will work.Useful for grinding from 0-74 in less then half a hour. 6.Want more speed (even though you reached 100).Use this tip.The diamond (earnable by getting 80 coal) will give you a 40% bonus. And the turtle will give you a 30% speed bonus.Also, the skeleton will give you a 35% speed bonus.Useful for doing quick builds with characters. 7.So, you've placed a tower, then swapped character. You find that the damage has gone down? You want it back up! Use this trick. Basicly, swap back to the character you originally placed the tower with, and you'll see the damage go up. Useful for doing maps. 8.Want to see your parent' message? Use this trick. First of all, go into the top door (unlocked by completing all campaign missions, from The Deeper Well - The Summit).Then, zoom in and go to the right corner.You'll see a message: Don't listen to the tavernkeep. Funny trick.9.Want good items? Use these tips. Notes: LR = Level required ILFC = Item level for character. The Throne Room Nmhc:

LR 74 ILFC 60-74 Endless Spires Nmhc:

LR 83

IFLC 74-78

Aquanos Nmhc:

LR 90

IFLC 74-90

Bonus Kings Game Nmhc:

LR 100

IFLC 74-100

Bonus Tinkerer's Lab Nmhc:

LR 100

IFLC 74-100

All the maps that have been said, you need to do survival with.

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by 0k1mONIjOghiM

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