The third table

Trophies are visual representations of a player's achievements. Most are arrayed on tables along the walls of the tavern. Visiting another player's tavern will only display the host's trophies.

Display Table Locations


First Table

Second Table

Third Table

Fourth Table

Fifth Table

Sixth Table

Seventh Table

Eighth Table

Ninth Table

Tenth Table

This is the eastern table on the ground floor below the door to the secret room.

  • Thick Skin - Reached Survival Wave 20 on Medium Difficulty
  • Survivalist - Reached Survival Wave 15 on Medium Difficulty
  • Tough Guy - Reached Survival Wave 15 on Hard Difficulty
  • Perfectionist - Earned the Flawless Victory Award on all Missions on at least Medium Difficulty
  • Daredevil - Earned Skin of Your Teeth Award on 6 missions

Eleventh Table

This is the western table on the ground floor below the door to the secret room.

Floor Trophies

Trophies that appear on the floor in your Tavern

Other Trophies


The head of the Spider Queen

After finishing the tutorial, the trophy for "Good Student" will appear on the floor near the fireplace.

After obtaining the "Legendary Defender" achievement a huge trophy will appear standing on the floor to the right of where Tavernkeep stands.

With the Lost Eternia Crystal DLC, four more "trophies" are available. After beating a boss, its head will be mounted on the wall either to the left or right of the fireplace, with the Eternia Shard added above it.

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