This is said to be the best weapon in the game for huntresses as it does high, piercing dps. It is said to be obtained from The Ramparts on any difficulty. No info yet on its drop rate. The Rate of fire seems to vary between 5 and 8 shots per second.

Drops in Mobile Version.

UPDATED: On mobile, the Valor's Bonesharder is *GARANTEED* to drop after beating the Ramparts campaign level on any difficulty with any character class. The higher difficulties versions have better tower/player stat bonuses than the lower difficulties versions, but every Valor's Bonesharder is garanteed to have these 6 weapon stat: Base Damage, POISON damage, Rate of Fire, Clip Size, Reload Speed Bonus, Projectile Speed Bonus. The initial damage and rate of fire is random, but the initial clip size, projectile speed bonus and reload speed bonus are usually quite high (usually around 100 clip size, 300 projectile speed bonus and at least 4 reload speed bonus). The max upgrade level is random, however. It might take numerous attempts to acquire one with over 20 available upgrade level so players should focus on obtaining one with poor tower/player stat bonuses and great damage output from the Easy difficulty before considering the higher difficulties's improved player/tower stat bonuses.

At level 1, the weapon has a value of 20.000 Mana if sold (value increase when upgraded). It's name cannot be customised, no option to change a fully upgraded Valor's Bonesharder's name appear after unlocking the final upgrade point.

The Bone bow's piercing ability combined with the Valor's Bonesharder's 6 garanteed weapon stats result in a formidable weapon since most weapons of the highest quality rarely feature more than 5 weapon stat (mobile).

It's recommended to look for a new Valor's Bonesharder (by clearing the Ramparts again) if the current one doesn't have either AT LEAST 7 initial Rate of Fire points or AT LEAST 20 weapon upgrade levels available.

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