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Want to make the next greatest Dungeon Defenders guide, but don't know on what? This page is just for you! Here you can find guides that are needed here at Archives of Etheria.

Please visit Adopt A Guide before choosing a guide from this list. They are in more dire need than these.

Wanted Guides

Here are guides that are needed. They are separated by type.


  • Countess
  • Adept
  • Initiate
  • Ranger
  • Barbarian
  • Series EV


  • Any solo run on insane
  • Any solo run on nightmare
  • Any solo run
  • Lost Shards


  • Any challenge on any difficulty
  • Death From Above
  • Monster Fest


  • Any achievement


  • Modding Guides
  • Level Mapping
  • Creating Models
  • Tweaking Stats

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