A War Ballista on Summit.

The War Ballista is a large harpoon that the player can fire. It appears on The Summit and The Ramparts. It can be used to kill wyverns in The Ramparts, and it can be used on the Ancient Dragon in The Summit to cause the boss to briefly land at one of the three edges of the map, where melee-oriented characters can more effectively damage him.


  • Any damage dealt by a War Ballista is regarded as hero damage.
  • The Ballista on The Summit deals 10,000 damage. However, the Ballista on The Ramparts deals 7,000 damage. The Ballista in Crystalline Dimension and Boss Rush also deal 7,000 damage.
  • War Ballista will show up on the minimap with a yellow outline. The outline will disappear when the Ballista is fired, and re-appear when it is ready to be fired again.

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