All you really need is a squire probably around 60 it is easier with a huntress but not required

  1. All you really have to do is set bouncers on both sides for each wing that breaks off with 2 harpoon turrets and 1 side with just 1
  2. The other spots downstairs were the core will warp you just need 2 walls one facing the spawn down there and the other facing the stairwell that they can come down and again your going to want to set up a harpoon turret on both sides of the walls
  3. After that your going to stay in the middle and wait for the core to warp so you can get there faster. they come in little bursts of monsters for each wave and the core will warp right before more come in so you go kill the ones for where the core is at then run back to the middle and wait for it to warp again. the only thing u have to kill when you get to the core are the archers because they shoot right at the core and will hurt it pretty badly this is why it is easier done with the huntress.

At the end of this you will get the crystal tracker which is a decent gun has blast damage that hits all enemies around were you shoot for reduced damage and for 60-74 its probably the best you can find even better than the blasticus in my opinion


Blue-Harpoon Turret

Red-Areas the core can warp to


Yellow-Ogre that comes at the end of wave 6

Marks guide

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