Draconis Ignis Five Sizes

Draconis Ignis in five different sizes.

Weapon Sizes apply to almost all weapons - boss rewards, challenge rewards, and random drops. The exception would be unique items acquired through events. Looking at the picture provided there are up to 5 (maybe more?) possible sizes for weapons. It is also impossible to have two weapons of exactly the same size and color. Size is calculated with very small digits. Larger sizes does not typically mean a weapon is of a higher overall quality than a smaller weapon.
  • Familiars/Pets also have different sizes.
  • The size of familiars tend to increase with each upgrade


For melee attacks, a larger weapon would increase the range of your attacks.

For ranged weapons, a larger weapon would shoot from a farther spot (the tip of the weapon). If there is an enemy in between you and the tip of the weapon, you will miss. In addition, larger versions of bulkier weapons, e.g. miniguns, tend to obscure a part of the screen in 1st POV, and at times, the cursor.

Draconis Ignis 5 sizes inventory

These are how the different sizes appear in the inventory.


  • Weapon sizes do not affect attack speed.
  • Barbarians with large weapons will get a greater attack range.

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