The Weighted Companion Cube is a familiar that is awarded for completing all original challenges on Nightmare difficulty with Hardcore Mode.

The Cube will attack with melee attack and knock back enemies. Every Cube pet will have the same stats and same number of upgrades.


  • Attack rate can be upgraded to 3 shots per second
  • Knockback bonus stat cannot be upgraded.
  • Will give the player 70 mana per hit, and unlike the Genie, mana gain frequency doesn't depend on pet's animation. Also unlike the Genie, the Cube will give mana for its hits, not the player's hits.
  • Can knock back Ogres.
  • If you are playing in other player's rooms, you will need to return to your own tavern to receive the achievement and familiar.
  • Sells for 1,000,000,000 mana.


The Weighted Companion Cube originally debuted in the game Portal, a puzzle game which relied on this object for one of the last test chambers.

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