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Winter Wonderland is the new DLC map for the Holiday. It drops two different kinds of coal:

Small coal on Medium, Hard, and Insane.

Standard coal on Nightmare only.

No coal is rewarded for completion on easy.

Once you have collected 88 of either Small coal, or Standard coal, you are rewarded with a Diamond familiar (Small Diamond for 88 small coal, and regular Diamond for 88 standard coal).

Awards for completing map on Nightmare Hard Core Campaign: 4 random items ( Godly through Ultimate ), 1 Coal, 1 Accessory ( Godly through Supreme ), 2 Class Specific Weapons ( Spear Of Light for Monk, Blade Of The North for Squire, Santa's Snowball Launcher for Huntress ), usually one is mythical quality or better and the other is Supreme through Ultimate.

Final Wave consists of 4 Snowman with about 500 million health, and 4 evil heroes ranging from 500 million to 1.5 billion health on Nightmare Hard Core.

Also unlocks achievements.

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