Xp Farming + fast xp

Looking for Xp farming well xp farming is basically easy you don't always need a level 70 if you keep playing deeper well on insane or other difficulties you will slowly level then you can start power leveling. Glitterhelms cavern and Ramparts i think is the best for leveling Glitterhelms cavern for more xp, Ramparts is for Faster waves. Once your level 70 its gonna be much harder leveling Mistymire forest is Excellent xp 175k no towers (expect towers that deal no damage) 125k for normal (with towers). if you have strong towers i suggest you carry on mistymire if you wonder what spiders weakness are they don't attack blockblade with spider webs only there melee make sure the turrets are a bit far from the blockblade so they don't throw spider webs on the turrets. If you have some friends (2 or above) mistymire forest is the best then keep restarting the first level and earn 175k per wave. Need help (PS3 Espically add XxCaptain_AlixX) that's me i will build towers for you. Cant do this ill give you some steps

Step 1: play Deeper well easy (until level 10 squire)

Step 2: play Deeper well medium (until a good level for your squire

Step 3: Play Deeper well Hard (until a dps tower with squire)

Step 4: Play Deeper well insane on survival using towers (level to 69/70)

Want to level fast play ramparts make sure you have good armour how to farm armour well play mistymire forest on insane but don't take any chest once you finsh aleast 1 wave open the chest for rares and equip them and invest pets are the best for dps stats 

This is my Xp farming Guide

By Sakib90

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